Aidbox FHIR API is certified by ICSA Labs | 170.315(g)(10) criteria

August 16, 2022

Great news for EHR vendors! We are happy to announce that the Aidbox FHIR API module is officially certified for 170.315(g)(10) criteria by ICSA Labs. This means that you can enrich your existing EHR with it, get compliance automatically and strengthen your current solution with a pluggable FHIR API without any extra effort. December 31, 2022 is close.

Why should you use it?

The Aidbox FHIR API module will save you from

  • developing your own FHIR API;
  • certifying your existing EHR for 170.315(g)(10) criteria;
  • designing an ecosystem for third-party app vendors;
  • deployment and maintaining this element.

You can just plug it into your existing ecosystem to unlock all the benefits.

Want to TRY before you buy?

No problem! We have an online sandbox for you to run online Inferno Tests. We are also happy to share our API documentation.

Please reach out if you have any questions or want to get a demo.

Certification Details

HIT Vendor: Health Samurai, Inc
Date Certified: August 16, 2022

Product: Aidbox FHIR API module version 1.0
CHPL Product Number:

Certified Criteria:
170.315 (g)(10)_C, 170.315(d)(1), 170.315(d)(9), 170.315(d)(10)_C, 170.315(d)(12)_C, 170.315(d)(13)_C, 170.315(g)(4), 170.315(g)(5)
* - _C denotes 2015 Edition Cures Update Criteria
Aidbox: Certificate of Compliance

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