Willowglade Technologies achieves ONC compliance with the assistance of Aidbox certified tools

February 28, 2024

Recognizing the need to maintain its position as the provider of the industry-leading patient experience platform, Willowglade Technologies® has announced the availability of their new patient portal, "Personal Health Navigator®" (PHN), which was certified by the ONC in December 2023. Some of the ONC criteria were met using the Aidbox C-CDA/FHIR converter and FHIR® API module, provided by Health Samurai.

This compliance is a key nod of approval for health IT products, signaling they meet top standards for the technological capability, functionality, and security adopted by HHS. This also helps to stand out in the competitive US healthcare market. Thus, providers are required to choose only ONC-compliant products to join federal programs like the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs and the MIPS Quality Payment Program. 

The Personal Health Navigator® (PHN) patient portal provides a comprehensive set of user-friendly tools that allows patients to access, monitor, and manage their health information - all in one place and is designed to provide an optimal patient experience, with a well-designed, simple to operate user interface.

Compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act standards further supports Willowglade’s mission to elevate the Unified Digital Patient Experience™ helping providers serve complex medical patients better every day.

“The addition of our newly Certified Health IT module further consolidates our position as a leader in the provision of a Unified Digital Patient Experience to oncology practices and patients across the country.  Patients can not only view lab results and documents, but complete ePROs, Smart e-Forms, participate in telemedicine calls, send messages to their provider and much more,” said John Papandrea, CEO of Willowglade Technologies. “It becomes a one stop shop for every patient when they interact electronically with their provider practice,” he added.

Further expanding on the Unified Digital Patient Experience, the PHN 6.0 is now officially compliant and has been certified by Leidos ONC ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria, including (b)(10), (d)(1), (d)(9), (d)(12), (d)(13), (e)(1), (g)(4), (g)(5), (g)(6), (g)(7), (g)(9) and (g)(10) among others. 

Willowglade used their C32 CDA Generation API to integrate the PHN with Aidbox thanks to the Aidbox bidirectional C-CDA to FHIR converter. These resources were then served to SMART on FHIR apps with the Aidbox FHIR® API module and exported in C-CDA format with the Aidbox FHIR to C-CDA converter in accordance with the ONC (g)(9) and (g)(10) criteria, which are particularly important in the interoperability context. 

“The ability to create a correct C-CDA is key for joining various HIEs like Carequality, where you not only receive but also have to share data,” said Pavel Smirnov, CEO at Health Samurai. “Our FHIR API and C-CDA to FHIR converter were tested and certified by the ONC, allowing customers to expedite their ONC compliance process. With the Aidbox certified functionality, Willowglade's PHN can communicate effectively with other EHR systems. That is crucial for providing coordinated and informed patient care.”

True to Health Samurai's customer-centric approach, the team was there every step of the way, offering compliance guidance and tech support throughout the process, with the Aidbox engineers participating during the (g)(9) and (g)(10) real-world testings.

"We approach every project with the same diligence as our initiatives. Therefore, assisting Willowglade in the certification process was paramount to us,” shared Maria Ryzhikova, Product Lead at Health Samurai. 

A full Willowglades's ONC certification report is available at under CHPL Product Number and ONC-ACB Certification ID:

We look forward to what’s to come with this partnership, as Willowglade continues to enhance its health IT module with the use of the Aidbox ONC-certified EHR tools. Specifically, they use the FHIR Platform to store patient data, which is essential for displaying information in the Patient Portal UI. The PHN also utilizes the C-CDA converter, supporting the USCDI dataset, to transform patient FHIR data into C-CDA format. So, patients and their authorized representatives can view, download, and transmit (VDT) their health records online. Additionally, the Patient Portal can now connect with a wider range of healthcare apps using the FHIR® API.

FHIR® is the registered trademark of HL7.

ONC CERTIFIED HIT® is a registered trademark of HHS.

About Willowglade Technologies

Willowglade Technologies offers the Unified Digital Patient Experience™, a comprehensive platform that consolidates various aspects of the patient journey into a single, user-friendly solution. This includes features such as itinerary reminders, messaging, Smart E-Forms, ePROs, Telephone Triage, telehealth capabilities and more. By providing a seamless experience, the platform aims to empower patients to take an active role in their healthcare.  Overall, Willowglade Technologies aims to provide cutting-edge IT solutions that enhance patient experiences, improve care coordination, optimize workflows, and drives better outcomes. Their commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach positions them as a leader in their field.  For more information, please visit

About Health Samurai 

Health Samurai helps healthcare providers, health plans, IT vendors, and digital health startups develop FHIR-native solutions based on the Aidbox FHIR Platform. Since 2012, Aidbox has served as a solid backbone for 100+ solutions: specialty EHRs, care coordination systems, telemedicine solutions, CDRs, and data analytics platforms worldwide.

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