New features

Aidbox September 2023 Release

September 30, 2023

Here are the new features and updates released by the Aidbox team in September 2023. See the full release notes here.

Aidbox FHIR Validator demo

Simplify FHIR resource validation with automatic IG package detection and hassle-free custom profile creation. Describe your custom profiles effortlessly using the FHIR Schema and instantly validate FSH documents (Alpha). Share your feedback to help us improve. Try it out!

Production-ready R4B and R5 Topic-Based Subscriptions

Receive event notifications seamlessly, eliminating manual queries, with the latest enhancements:

  • Stream subscription events to GCP Pub/Sub.
  • Monitor subscriptions in real-time using the Aidbox UI and Aidbox Metrics Server.
  • Start using subscriptions with the new Aidbox Project Template.

Conditional Delete for Matching Resources

Efficiently maintain data integrity and reduce database clutter by utilizing conditional delete to remove matching resources based on specific criteria.

Open Source Telehealth app template

Save time and effort by starting with UI elements, back-end services, and boilerplate code. Try Telehealth app!

OpenTelemetry exporter

Gain deeper insights and optimize system performance with the OpenTelemetry exporter, simplifying decision-making. Check out our guide on running Aidbox with OpenTelemetry locally for easy setup.

Audit Log UI

Explore audit events with the new Audit Log UI. Check our guide to enable audit logging in Aidbox and easily access audit logs via the FHIR API and Audit Log UI.

Organization-based Access Control: Bundle batch operations

Perform multiple CRUD actions within a single request for a specific organization.

Aidbox Forms updates

Create forms faster with autocomplete for literals and keywords. Import Questionnaires through FHIR Bundles to reduce manual effort.

Explore the pre-alpha UI-builder accessible at Aidbox Console > Aidbox Forms > Create Template > Create in UI-builder, simplifying the form creation process.

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