Health Samurai at ViVE 2024

January 30, 2024

Come and meet Health Samurai's CEO at ViVE 2024 this February

ViVE 2024 is a perfect venue to exchange ideas, strengthen existing relationships, and establish new ones. Our CEO, Pavel Smirnov, will be present at ViVE 2024 this February. If you're also attending, we'd love to connect and explore how Aidbox can accelerate your development, or simply engage in a conversation about FHIR.

To schedule a one-on-one meeting, please contact us at:

Pavel Smirnov has over a decade of experience in managing healthcare IT projects, which includes the development and implementation of a cloud inpatient EHR in three California hospitals. As CEO of Health Samurai, Pavel leads the company in its mission to assist digital health companies in implementing FHIR and achieving meaningful results. Under Pavel's leadership, the team has developed the first FHIR backend platform in the United States, Aidbox.

You can learn more on how our customers simplified modern healthcare app development here.

About ViVE 2024

When: 25-28 February 2024

Where: Los Angeles Convention Center, California, US

This event is ideal for: Healthcare providers, payers, health IT security professionals, policymakers, chime members, informaticists, entrepreneurs, and investors

ViVE will have 8,000+ attendees, with 1,500+ top executives, 800+ sponsors, and 300+ speakers. Joining the event can help you find solutions for improving and protecting patient care in the digital health sector. You can find details about ViVE 2024 and secure your ticket to the event here.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Los Angeles.

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