Pluggable Form Builder for Digital Health

Design and embed intelligent forms with an excellent UX, and capture data in a well-structured FHIR format for reporting and analysis

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Streamline your healthcare workflows with Aidbox Forms

Great UX

Intelligent Custom Forms

Create smart forms with custom logic, calculated fields, and attached instructions, or dynamic forms that will change depending on the responses to the questions.

Quick start

30+ Standard Templates

Use and customize pre-defined form templates such as Vital Signs, PHQ-9, Social Determinants of Health Assessment (SDOH), Functional Status Assessment, and others.


Seamless Integration

Integrate forms into your current solutions with the versatile API, iframes, and magic links to capture data from patients and practitioners in a well-structured format.


Well-structured Data Collection

Collect and manage data in a standardized FHIR format with built-in FHIR storage and additional features such as MPI, Terminologies, and Profiling.

Analytic Insights

Built-in Reporting & Analytics

Design custom reports using standardized structured data and gain valuable insights from your data for clinical decision-making.

Pluggable Aidbox Forms Module

Aidbox Forms allows you to design forms in accordance with government regulations, seamlessly integrate them into your existing clinical workflow, and store data in a structured format, facilitating easy reporting and analysis.

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