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FHIR Database & FHIR Server

Build interoperable, secure, and fast healthcare applications with FHIR-native PostgreSQL database, Comprehensive API, Granular Access Control, and SDK.

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Use Aidbox for effective development of interoperable apps that can be plugged into the connected healthcare ecosystem. Focus on business logic, we'll guide you through any FHIR implementation challenges.

Design FHIR-first systems

  • Use a domain-driven data model as your foundation
  • Be interoperable by design
  • Get expert advice and help from FHIR community

Manage FHIR data in PostgreSQL ❤️️

  • Store FHIR data transparently in PostgreSQL as JSONB
  • Query, join and aggregate any resource by any element
  • Implement transactional operations, reports and migrations

Work with FHIR data efficiently

  • Build with comprehensive APIs and SDK
  • React on changes with Subscription & Changes APIs
  • Start from template projects with your tech stack

Secure FHIR data

  • Manage users in the Aidbox Auth or external IDPs
  • Configure fine-grained access with RBAC and ABAC
  • Track all activities related to ePHI with Audit Log on BALP

#! Aidbox / Intro

Build FHIR-first apps

Aidbox is a metadata-driven platform where everything is represented as data/resources that can be customized and always remain under your control.
Using Aidbox provides you with:

  • Mature and extensible modules
  • Major FHIR versions support
  • HIPAA safeguards
  • Proven architecture frameworks
  • Custom resources if FHIR is not enough
  • Consistent performance at any scale
  • Open source FHIR tooling on top of Aidbox
Aidbox features scheme
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#! Aidbox / Features

Move faster with Aidbox


FHIR storage based on PostgreSQL with JSONB


Integration with object storages, support for signed URLs


Custom Resources



HL7 FHIR REST (all versions)


GraphQL / Reactive API & Subscriptions




Bulk APIs for import/export


Custom Operations


Security & Access Control

Built-in Auth server with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, SMART App Launch


Access Control based on Access Policies (JSON Schema/SQL/Matcho DSL)


User/Client management (SCIM/roles)


Audit Log



FHIR terminology API and storage


Importers for ICD-10, SNOMED, RxNorm, LOINC, and US NPI


Custom CodeSystems and ValueSets



HIPAA eligible infrastructure (technical safeguards)


Automated Aidbox deployment based on Kubernetes (K8s) for AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premises


Backup management and replicas


Explore how other companies use Aidbox

Innovaccer is #1 healthcare data platform for value-based care, serving 1600+ locations, 96K+ clinicians, and 54M records in US.
Innovaccer chose FHIR and Aidbox to streamline its platform's data model, storage, and API. This decision makes it easier to create both internal and external applications to extend the platform.
BestNotes is a specialized EHR and CRM software provider operating with clinical expertise in all 50 states.
BestNotes adopted Aidbox to create a HIPAA-compliant, FHIR-first EHR system for the behavioral health industry, addressing the need for a scalable, interoperable solution that complies with ONC regulations.
Solutio is a German company specializing in management software for dentists, serving approximately 4,000 dental practices.
Solutio hires Aidbox to modernize their dental EHR system, aiming to enhance interoperability with FHIR standard. The transition to Aidbox will enable Solutio to comply with German healthcare legislation and potentially expand the market.
Prenosis is a health tech innovator that leverages its ImmunixTM - precision medicine platform and the Sepsis ImmunoScoreTM - the first ever FDA authorized AI Diagnostic for Sepsis for the diagnosis of sepsis and the prediction of adverse outcomes.
Prenosis chose Aidbox for its scalable and extensible FHIR backend, enhancing their AI platform's ability to efficiently predict sepsis through seamless integration with their ML algorithms.
Medflow is a population health tool designed by physicians to enhance cross-platform care workflows, integrating EHR and HIE with a FHIR foundation to streamline care pathways and reduce IT system complexity.
MedFlow has selected Aidbox to enhance their data management capabilities with the FHIR database, enabling the storage of integrated and standardized external EHR data. This selection facilitates the automation of custom patient care and financial analytics workflows.
Willowglade Technologies is a US tech company known for its patient-centric care coordination solutions for oncology and chronic conditions.
Willowglade employed Aidbox to achieve ONC compliance and enhance interoperability of their ‘Personal Health Navigator’ patient portal with EHR systems.
Patients Know Best (PKB) is a UK-based PHR platform trusted by the NHS since 2008 and healthcare organizations worldwide with over 3,700,000+ registered users.
By employing Aidbox, PKB has been able to reinvent a patient-controlled medical records system, the first of its kind globally. This setup aggregates data into a unified FHIR storage, facilitating efficient data management.

>_ Getting Started

Get Aidbox server running locally

curl -JO https://aidbox.app/runme && docker compose up


Run in Cloud Sandbox
FHIR server demo video

>_ Aidbox / Ecosystem

Aidbox infrastructure

HIPAA eligible cloud Aidbox infrastructure is built on Kubernetes with solutions for backup, monitoring and logging that can be deployed to public clouds or on-premises.

Aidbox + Google Cloud Platform

Standard HIPAA eligible infrastructure is deployed to Google Kubernetes Engine and integrated with the following Google Cloud Services. Requirements for standard installation: 2-3 nodes 8 vCPUs/16GB RAM/500GB.

Aidbox + Amazon Web Services

Standard HIPAA Eligible Infrastructure is deployed into and integrated with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service  and integrated with Amazon Web Services. Requirements for standard installation: 2-3 nodes 8 vCPUs/16GB RAM/500GB.
Get Aidbox on AWS Marketplace

Amazon Web Services and Aidbox Scheme

Aidbox + Microsoft Azure

Standard HIPAA Eligible Infrastructure is deployed into and integrated with Azure Kubernetes Service and integrated with: load balancer, storage, DNS, and container registry. Requirements for standard installation: 2-3 nodes 8 vCPUs/16GB RAM/500GB.

Microsoft Azure and Aidbox Scheme

Aidbox + On-Premises

Standard HIPAA Eligible Infrastructure is deployed into Kubernetes and integrated with the load balancer, storage, local DNS server, container registry and Minio. Requirements for standard installation: 2-3 nodes 8 vCPUs/16GB RAM/500GB.

Aidbox On-premise Scheme

$_ Aidbox / Pricing

Choose your Box

It's super easy. Book a demo or get your trial license.

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Ready for production

Production License

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    Flat fee per instance
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    No usage based fees
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    Pay upfront and get 10% off
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Ready for production

Development License

  • Aidbox Check icon
    No additional payments
  • Aidbox Check icon
    DB max size 2GB
  • Aidbox Check icon
    No PHI data
Multibox Pricing Logo
  • Aidbox Check icon
    Lower overall costs
  • Aidbox Check icon
    Optimize hardware resource utilization
  • Aidbox Check icon
    Improve ease of maintenance

Use multitenant version of Aidbox to create FHIR-based clouds or separate environments with isolated data and APIs for every client.


User Community

Join our chat to share your expertise and get help from community.


We're working hard to provide you with easy-to-use docs with reference guides and tutorials. Check it out here

Extended FAQ


What FHIR versions does Aidbox server support?

We support major versions of FHIR: DSTU2, STU3, and R4

Can Aidbox help me to integrate with multiple legacy software?

Absolutely. Aidbox comes with HL7 v.2 and X12 integration modules. There is a terminology module with FHIR, ICD-10, SNOMED, RxNorm, LOINC, and US NPI. You can use Aidbox as a FHIR facade over existing systems or build the entire clinical data repository to distribute and synchronize data from various data sources as needed.

What tech stack should my team use to develop a system on top of Aidbox?

Aidbox has a developer-friendly ecosystem. It provides open source SDKs for popular technologies (Node.js, TypeScript, React, Vue, Python, Clojure, .NET etc.) and other useful open-source tools.

Can we get training to become familiar with Aidbox, FHIR, and best integration practices?

Sure. We are happy to offer Aidbox support if you prefer to be guided by our engineering team. We can help with the system architecture, infrastructure/deployments, data mapping into FHIR or anything else.

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