FHIR backend platform for modern healthcare applications

Lower Development Costs

All the backend storage and data services your applications need out of the box.

Faster Time to Market

Get into high quality production in days, not months.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud

Build and host your applications in our HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure.


Future-proof your applications with FHIR and plug into the FHIR ecosystem.

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Enterprise-Ready Backend

Everything you need for your backend infrastructure in one PostgreSQL database ready for enterprise-level implementations.

Clinical Data Repository

Aggregate, normalize, and store all of your data from different sources into one centralized FHIR server.


Integrate your applications with legacy health systems that are supporting FHIR (EHR, EMR, LIS, RIS, etc).

Powerful Analytics

Discover actionable insights from your data with tools like ElasticSearch, ClickHouse and Druid.io.

Strict Data Validation

Aidbox ensures data consistency and integrity for all FHIR resources across your entire backend.

Terminology Services

Aidbox comes with medical terminology services for popular medical coding systems (LOINC, SNOMED, ICD-10, NPI, RxNorm, etc).

OAuth 2.0 Security

Policy-based user access control and complete audit logging of all system events gives you a full view of activities in your applications.

Anywhere in the Cloud

Aidbox can be deployed to public and private clouds, or data centers, and comes with automatic failover, backups and updates.

HL7 Integration Adapters 

Aidbox's integration connector can receive X12, HL7 v.2x, and other healthcare data and map it to FHIR.

Product Presentations

Aidbox is an award-winning platform with an unparalleled number of enterprise level implementations.

Aidbox Presentation 
Watch Health Samurai's Aidbox presentation at the Duke University FHIR Applications Roundtable.

Narus Health Presentation

Watch Narus Health present the applications they built with Aidbox.

COMPANIES building with Aidbox


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