for FHIR-first Healthcare Apps

Aidbox is the backend development platform for your modern web and mobile healthcare applications, patient engagement solutions, telemedicine platforms, care coordination systems, healthcare data analytics products, cloud electronic health records, clinical data repositories, and more.


Aidbox Use Cases

FHIR backend

FHIR backend for Apps

Backend development platform that cuts time to market for new healthcare solutions

Clinical Data Repository

Clinical Data Repository

A Clinical Data Repository (CDR) that aggregates and normalizes data from multiple sources into the FHIR model.

FHIR facade


FHIR API facade that enables modern FHIR applications to run on top of legacy systems

Aidbox Anatomy

Aidbox gives you FHIR data storage with the power of SQL, RESTful FHIR APIs, an API Gateway, access control & security modules, terminology servers, subscriptions, cloud infrastructure, and an ecosystem of plugins to meet your unique healthcare application development needs.

Aidbox Platform
FHIR Storage

FHIR Storage

Fhirbase - database schema on top of PostgreSQL based on HL7 FHIR with Fhirpath extension that simplifies using SQL for FHIR data.

FHIR server

FHIR Server

HL7 FHIR-compliant REST APIs to securely access and manipulate clinical, financial and administrative healthcare data.


Terminology Module

Terminology service for popular medical coding systems (ICD10, SNOMED, RxNorm etc.) and custom dictionaries (ValueSets).

API Gateway

API Gateway

If your system consists of multiple services, you can use a unified access layer to manage security and routing between them.


Security & Access Control

OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and flexible security rules to control user access to healthcare application data.



With the subscriptions mechanism, you can execute custom logic in your application when specific data is changing.

Custom Resources

Custom Resources

Not all healthcare data fits the FHIR data models, so Aidbox allows you to add custom resources and attributes by easily updating metadata via the REST API.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Multi-tenant installation to a Kubernetes cluster in any public or private cloud. Aidbox handles terabytes of your healthcare data, without hiccups.



Plugins extend Aidbox by adding new resources and operations for specific customer needs (e.g. Stripe integration, SMS notifications, X12 format parsing, etc.).

Aidbox Line

Aidbox Product Line

Start developing your healthcare solution for free with, move to production fast with, and scale with no limits in any public or private cloud of your choice with and aidbox.enterprise.


Free development environment. It is good for developers starting new healthcare project. Download Aidbox.Dev and set up your development environment in no time.

Aidbox Dev
Aidbox One


One-server installation. It is good for small production installations. Upgrade your Aidbox.Dev to Aidbox.One and move your solution into production.


Upgrade your Aidbox.Dev to Aidbox.One and move your solution into production. Deploy Aidbox.One to any infrastructure of your choice. Aidbox.One adds security safeguards (HIPAA and others industry requirements) to ensure your healthcare data is safe.


Aidbox.Enterprise in Health Samurai cloud. It is good for everyone! Use what you need and pay for what you use.

Aidbox Cloud


Start developing with Aidbox for free. Get into production when you're ready, and only pay for what you need.


Fhirbase / Fhirpath
FHIR Server / Terminology Service
API Gateway / Security / Access Control
Event Log / Subscriptions
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All Features of Aidbox.One
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All Features of Aidbox.Dev
1-Click Upgrade from Aidbox.Dev
Technical security safeguards (HIPAA)
Support from Health Samurai
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Aidbox Enterprise


Highly-available multi-tenant installation with 24/7 support. It is good for large enterprise installations and SaaS products. Contact us to get Aidbox.Enterprise to support your growing technology needs.

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