OUR mission

To give providers, developers, enterprises and startups the power to create incredible healthcare solutions.

At Health Samurai, we want to transform healthcare for every patient in the world.

We believe that an open, connected healthcare ecosystem will drive higher quality care and lower costs. To help make this happen, we have a simple plan: give people access to the healthcare data and tools they need to build life-changing technologies. We believe that when you empower good people with the right data and tools, amazing things will happen.

That's how we believe we can change healthcare for good, and we're fighting to make our vision a reality every day. 


Building a healthcare application is a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process that requires significant domain knowledge. We understand all too well how these barriers limit innovation, because we’ve been developing custom health IT solutions for our clients since 2004. 

In 2012, we came across the FHIR standard and recognized its potential to enable interoperability and lower development costs and time by simplifying the healthcare software development process. We confirmed our intuition after using FHIR successfully in various client projects, and set out to create a FHIR platform that would make it easy for healthcare organizations to build complex solutions.

We took the best of everything we've learned about health IT in the last 14 years and built Aidbox, our FHIR enabled backend as a service. After seeing the benefits that Aidbox brings to healthcare organizations, we know that FHIR is a standard that is here to stay.

We're FHIR evangelists who are helping to create an open, connected healthcare ecosystem.


These are the beliefs and values that define what it means to be a Health Samurai:

Integrity: We stay true to our word and deliver on promises. 

Discipline: We stick to Agile methodologies to shorten delivery cycles and increase quality and adaptability during the development process. 

Commitment to Open Standards: We believe standardized health data exchange and open access to healthcare data benefits everyone. That's why we built our Aidbox backend platform with the FHIR standard to support interoperability.

Duty: As health IT experts, we believe we have a duty to share our knowledge and give to the community. We’ve built several open source FHIR products and will continue contributing to FHIR.

Quality over Quantity: We believe in doing things right, and are committed to delivering value.

Transformation over Tradition: We believe innovation is the key to winning the battle for better healthcare.


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