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Delegate your software development needs to us — experts in designing, building, and maintaining advanced FHIR-based software solutions for healthcare.

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FHIR-first software

Dedicated Teams

Achieve rapid results with our full-stack teams dedicated to your project.

FHIR Platform

Reduce time-to-market with our pre-built Aidbox FHIR backend and cloud infrastructure.

Domain Expertise

Benefit from 15+ years of experience in health IT, software development, and HL7 FHIR.

Agile & Lean

Reach your goals through short iterations that incrementally develop the product.


We are proud to partner with clients of all stages and sizes in the Health IT sector.

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Care Coordination

Developing a care coordination platform for self-insured companies managed by Lucent Health.

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Hospice EHR

Developing a FHIR-native, specialized EHR system used by over 100 hospices across the US.

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Billing Module

Creating an automated billing module for the Sandata Agency Management Platform tailored to US home care agencies.

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Dermatology EHR

Developing EHR modules including billing, registration, and self-payment for a Dermatology Clinic in New York.

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Trusted technology partner

Trusted technology partner for FHIR projects

Collaborate with our small, cross-functional teams of business-focused domain experts.

Full-stack Development
System Design
FHIR Data Modeling
Cloud Infrastructure
ONC/CMS Compliance
HIPAA/GDPR Compliance
UI/UX Design
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Approach & Culture

We follow the Lean Principle of "do more with less" and this shapes our culture.

Small & Strong

We craft our teams with full-stack developers who can handle everything from design and development to deployment and maintenance across all layers.

A typical team has 3-7 pros, including one PO/BA and 2-6 full-stack engineers.

Iterative & Incremental

We kick things off with a proof-of-concept project that lays down the basic scenario. 

From there, we evolve it into an MVP and then scale it up to a production-ready solution, all through quick, 1-week iterations.

Feedback & Automations

With proven engineering practices such as CI/CD automation, TDD, pair programming, and design sessions, our teams move towards their goals at high speed without sacrificing quality.

We continuously improve our domain knowledge and development culture.

Platform & Open Source

Platform & Open Source

We build projects on our Aidbox FHIR Platform, which dramatically reduces initial development efforts.

We start and contribute significantly to valuable open-source projects, including: sql-on-fhir, fhirbase, hl7proxy, jute.clj, retest, suitkin, etc.

Our Blog

Learn more about software design and development for healthcare.

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A practical guide for extending EMR capabilities with SMART on FHIR applications

Learn How FHIR and SMART Are Transforming EMR Integration in Healthcare. Dive into practical insights from Beda Software's CTO, Ilya Beda, on extending EMR solutions efficiently.

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Automate tasks with Aidbox’s Workflow Engine

Patient admissions, order management, medication reconciliation, care coordination are quite repeatable steps. Once you automate it, you get a lot of valuable time back to focus on more important tasks.

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How to design a multi-tenant FHIR API for an existing EHR system

Explore ways of cutting design costs using a multi-tenant FHIR API with SMART on FHIR support and comply with the 21st Century Cures Act for EHR systems on the fly.

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