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Our engineers are FHIR experts! Hire us to build cloud EHR systems, care coordination systems, patient-facing mobile applications, data analytics products, and HL7 v2/CCD/FHIR integration platforms.

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Use Aidbox Platform

Aidbox is a FHIR backend for your application that cuts development cost and time. Aidbox provides an automated infrastructure, a database with FHIR schema, FHIR REST API, and an ecosystem of extensions.

We help create new generation
EHR systems in FHIR!

Health Samurai is an engineering service company.
We are a team of holistic engineers with more than a decade of health IT experience. Together with our partners, we are crafting FHIR-based systems:

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We have been a part of the FHIR movement since its early days. FHIR is a unique open-source standard produced and supported by a passionate community.  It has accumulated experience of world-class health IT experts and sometimes called "our public treasure.”

We interpret FHIR as a framework for building high-quality open systems for healthcare. We contribute our opinions and open-source solutions to a growing FHIR ecosystem.

In 2016 we started building the Aidbox platform to put together and re-use FHIR and our best engineering ideas & efforts. Here is the list of Aidbox out-of-the-box features:

Aidbox can save years of work and improve quality. It can dramatically cut the costs and time of development.

Health Samurai can

We prefer long term relationships with our clients and partners. We practice LEAN and Agile and love to work in small cross-functional teams, continuously delivering value and learning from users' feedback.

Our team has a strong engineering culture. We are full-stack polyglot programmers. We practice functional and pair programming, TDD,  CI/CD, and Dev/NoOps.

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