FHIR® Access Control Meetup Recap

May 2, 2024

On April 30, 2024, Health Samurai hosted the FHIR® Access Control Meetup as part of the HealthDevHub community. This event brought together experts in healthcare IT like John Moehrke, Josh Mandel, Mohammad Jafari, and Mike Kulakov. From the intricacies of privacy policies and authorization nuances to the cutting-edge strategies in data segmentation and label-based access control, get the inside scoop on their discussions. Plus, don't miss the insights from the roundtable led by Nikolai Ryzhikov. It's all here – read on to catch up on the key moments and expert insights from this dynamic meetup.

Exploring Privacy Policy Foundations with John Moehrke

John Moehrke, Co-chair of the HL7 Security Workgroup, kicked off the event by diving into the essentials of privacy policies in healthcare. He stressed the importance of solid privacy frameworks that protect patient data and comply with regulations. His talk highlighted the need for dynamic consent mechanisms and integrating privacy by design when developing healthcare apps.

View Privacy Consent on FHIR slides by John Moehrke

Diving into Authorization Nuances with Josh Mandel

Next, Josh Mandel, MD, Chief Architect at Microsoft Healthcare, tackled the complex world of authorization in FHIR systems. He pointed out the shortcomings of traditional OAuth2 frameworks and the need for more detailed control mechanisms. Josh introduced the idea of context-aware access controls that adjust to different clinical situations, improving both security and user experience.

View Authorization: Granular Scopes and Beyond slides by Josh Mandel

Addressing Data Segmentation for Privacy by Mohammad Jafari

Mohammad Jafari, Senior Privacy Consultant, focused on the crucial topic of data segmentation. He outlined strategies for effectively segmenting sensitive health data to bolster privacy controls. Techniques like data minimization and selective data sharing were discussed as key methods for maintaining confidentiality in complex healthcare systems.

View Data Segmentation for Privacy and Consent slides by Mohammad Jafari

Introducing FHIR Label-based Access Control with Mike Kulakov

Mike Kulakov, Product Manager at Health Samurai, presented a novel approach to access control using FHIR labels. This method allows for more detailed and flexible management of access permissions, tailored to the specific needs of healthcare applications. Mike showed how label-based access control could be implemented to secure sensitive data while ensuring necessary access for healthcare providers.

View Label-based Access Control in FHIR slides by Mike Kulakov

Round-Table Discussion and Q&A

The meetup concluded with a round-table discussion moderated by Nikolai Ryzhikov, CTO of Health Samurai. The speakers engaged in a lively debate on the future directions of access control technologies and fielded questions from the audience. This session provided valuable insights into the practical challenges faced by professionals in the field and showcased collaborative efforts to address these issues.

Label-based Access Control in Aidbox

This detailed guide covers the essentials of implementing security labels to ensure that sensitive resources like User, Client, and Access Policy remain protected and accessible only to authorized roles. Perfect for developers and administrators, the documentation provides practical insights into using the superadmin role to manage unlabeled resources effectively within the Aidbox UI console.

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