New features

Aidbox October 2023 Release

October 31, 2023

Here are the new features and updates released by the Aidbox team in October 2023. See the full FHIR server release notes here.

Aidbox FHIR Schema Validator release

Experience enhanced performance, easy configuration, and a user-friendly interface. Start by posting a StructureDefinition resource as your source of truth. While Aidbox integration is in progress, you can test the validator here. The tool is positioned as a replacement for JSON Schema and Zen schema for FHIR resource validation.

Aidbox Forms UI-builder improvements

Create your forms faster with the no-code UI-builder (alpha version). It now supports 'enableWhen' expressions to control field visibility, offers constraints for dates, times, and numbers, and allows you to import your UI-built forms to your library. Stay updated on the latest features for this evolving tool!

Workflow Engine Connector for FHIR Topic-based subscriptions

Generate the Aidbox Tasks from events defined through Subscription Topics. Easily implement your own custom logic for event processing using the Task API or SDK with the flexibility to tailor your workflows precisely to your needs.

Workflow Engine new built-in tasks

  • Clean-Up Task: Easily set up retention policies for Workflow Engine artifacts like tasks and workflow instances to keep your workspace organized.
  • Run-SQL Task: Execute custom SQL queries directly through Workflow Engine for greater control and data management. 

RxNorm terminology support

Utilize standardized drug names and enable easy cross-system communication with the latest RxNorm version. Now fully supported by Aidbox.

Storage index sync on the Aidbox startup

Enable synchronization of managed indexes upon the Aidbox startup via the environment variable. Ensure your queries are always up-to-date and ready to deliver efficient and accurate results.

C-CDA / FHIR converter improvements

Experience improved template selection using LOINC/OID mapping. Customize 'Entries Required' or 'Entries Optional' variations through FHIR extensions for flexible document structuring. Add multiple data requests per section for detailed document creation. Enhance clarity by incorporating narrative descriptions within sections.

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