FHIR Camp 2023 Recap

November 6, 2023

FHIR Camp in Portugal is an informal week of collaborative work, innovation, and ocean vibes. It marked the first event of this format hosted by Health Samurai in Cascais, Portugal, during 1-6 November 2023. The event included a mix of informative talks, discussions, and networking sessions. Beyond the official program, participants had the chance to enjoy some sightseeing around Cascais and Lisbon.

Why choose Portugal for FHIR Camp?

Nikolay Ryzhikov, CTO at Health Samurai, notes, "Bring the right people to the right place, and they will handle the rest! It was a real pleasure to meet old and new friends and discuss the past and future of FHIR!"

Portugal is steadily becoming a popular European spot for FHIR, and the local Health Samurai team is helping to expand the FHIR community in this area.

The purpose of this event was to gather industry experts in a beautiful setting for discussions on FHIR and digital health topics. Participants included representatives from Dogwood Health Consulting, Firely, Health Samurai, Ignite Data Ltd, Fyrstain, Patients Know Best, and Timestamp/SPMS.

What happened at FHIR Camp 2023?

At FHIR Camp 2023, participants began with a brief FHIR overview, highlighting the wins and challenges of FHIR adoption, its current state and future. Notable experts, including Lloyd McKenzie, Ewout Kramer, and the Samurai team, contributed to discussions about FHIR R5 improvements and the eagerly anticipated FHIR R6 launch.

CQL and SQL on FHIR, driven by Health Samurai's active participation, were key topics, promising substantial benefits in bridging the gap between FHIR and SQL. 

For an inside look at the benefits and opportunities of SQL on FHIR, check out the article here.

FHIR profiling and schema discussions emphasized their crucial roles in maintaining data flexibility and consistency.

Additionally, practical FHIR implementations were showcased, offering insights into the real-world impact of FHIR on healthcare data management. The Patients Know Best team, led by Mate Varga (CTO) and supported by Elmaz Szathmary-Kiraly (developer) and Adrián Sámson (Software engineer), shared their valuable experiences.

“Always fun to be in on the start of something great. Good people, great discussions, and an overall wonderful experience,” added Lloyd McKenzie, Chief Standards Officer at Dogwood Health Consulting. 

How we spent our breaks?

Portugal, the location chosen for FHIR Camp, is renowned for its rich history and stunning landscapes. During the event, participants had the opportunity to explore the Sanctuary of Peninha, Cabo da Roca, and soak in the coastal beauty of Cascais and Lisbon while capturing picturesque rainbows on their cameras.

Is that it?

“Thanks to Health Samurai for organizing this FHIR Camp in Cascais PT where we were given the opportunity to finally meet in person some LinkedIn connections who also share an interest in FHIR standard and learn from some of the best in the field”, shared Ângelo Ferreira, Senior Software Engineer, IgniteData, in his LinkedIn post.

With healthcare becoming increasingly reliant on digital technologies and data exchange, the FHIR Camp has acted as an informal platform for the exchange of ideas and discussions.

At Health Samurai, we're firm believers that FHIR can reshape digital healthcare. We appreciate our customers and partners who are on this journey with us.

Keep an eye on the event page for updates and announcements and be ready for future FHIR Camps to continue making a difference in healthcare interoperability.

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