Aidbox Telehealth

Let's build a customizable telemedicine FHIR platform

We help companies create their own telehealth solution. Our cross-functional team takes the backbone solution and modifies it for your specific business needs.

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Aidbox Telehealth
Rapid development on top of the backbone solution with basic
end-to-end scenario
FHIR Backend
Ready-to-use backend based on HL7 FHIR with HIPAA eligible infrastructure
Skilled Dev Team
Our cross-functional team carries out a wide range of activities from design to deployment
Agile & Lean Process
Weekly planning and demo allow you to influence and control development

Product Implementation

Connect with us
We meet and discuss how we can help with your project

~ 1-2 days
Initial analysis
We define your needs and requirements to initiate development

~ 1-4 days
Contract Signing
We sign a time and material contract and provide a team of developers
~ 1-5 days
Zero Release
Dev team deploys the backbone solution into cloud and sets up CI/CD pipeline

~ 1-2 weeks
Agile Development
Dev team modifies boilerplate apps and creates a turn-key solution through 1-week iterations

~ 3-12 months

Aidbox Telehealth

Telehealth Apps

Web (React) and mobile (ReactNative) apps provide a basic end-to-end scenario. It allows patients and practitioners to manage appointments, view PHRs, make video-calls and chat.

Registration workflow

Basic scheduling module

Video calls (Integration with Twilio)

Live Chat

Consult Note tool for Practitioners

Basic Personal Health Records (PHR)

Aidbox FHIR Backend

Aidbox FHIR server is a meta-data driven platform. It means that almost everything in Aidbox is represented as data (resources) and you can configure it. For example, REST endpoints (operations), resource definitions, profiles, and access policies are resources in Aidbox.

FHIR Storage based on PostgreSQL and JSONB


Additional APIs: SQL API, GraphQL

Authorization Server: OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect

Security & Access Control: Access Policies, SMART IG

FHIR Terminology Server: ICD-10, LOINC, SNOMED CT

Custom resources and FHIR/Aidbox Extensions

HL7 v.2, X12 Adapters

HIPAA Eligible Infrastructure

Automated cloud infrastructure is built on Kubernetes (k8S) for AWS, Azure & GCP and has solutions for backups, monitoring, logging. We use dev, staging, and production environments with automated CI/CD pipeline.

Development infrastructure: Dev / Staging / Production

Automated CI/CD pipeline: Drone CI / Kustomize for k8S

DB Replication and Backups

Monitoring based on Prometheus & Grafana

Audit Log based on ElasticSearch / Kibana / Grafana

File Storage to link to uploaded files

Project Cost Structure

Team Cost
Aidbox License fee *
Aidbox Support fee **
External Platforms fees
Cloud Infrastructure fee
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You don't have to pay for the license and support fee as long as Health Samurai is engaged in a development contract.
* - Aidbox License fee / if we don’t have an active development contract
** - Aidbox Support fee / if we don’t have an active development contract

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Case Studies

Yale New Haven Health System

Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) wanted to deploy 3rd party clinical research apps that use FHIR API on top of their Epic EHR system. We have implemented a FHIR facade in the YNHHS with the use of the Aidbox FHIR platform. Epic's data warehouse Kaboodle became the main data source. We extract data from Kaboodle, translate it to FHIR, and load it to Aidbox daily. Aidbox serves data over FHIR API to authorized apps while controlling their access permissions. Many health plans can utilize their data warehouses as a source of data for the CMS rule API.

Metro Dermatology

Health Samurai has developed a billing module for a network of dermatology clinics on top of Aidbox. While all the data internally was FHIR, the billing module communicates with medical billing clearinghouses over X12 EDI. This project provided Health Samurai with extensive knowledge about financial data formats in healthcare and allowed us to test Aidbox X12 EDI to FHIR translation module at an enterprise scale.

Narus Health

Narus Health is an excellent example of a powerful health IT technology developed on top of Aidbox while beating all time to market estimates. Narus has built a care management and care coordination system that currently serves 300 self-insured enterprises. The technology comprises patient-facing mobile apps, a web-based clinical app, and a data analytics module integrated with Tableau. Aidbox development platform capabilities and built-in integration with data analytics tools allowed this to happen. Aidbox security safeguards allowed Narus Health to receive SOC 2 security certification.

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