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Fhirbase is an open source toolkit for storing and working with FHIR data, built on top of PostgreSQL.

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Fhirbase is an open source toolkit for storing and working with FHIR data.

FHIR Schema

Database schema on top of PostgreSQL based on HL7 FHIR.

Import FHIR data

Efficient import of your FHIR data with Bulk API, Synthea, Bundles, etc.

CRUD Operations

Conventional API as Stored Procedures for basic CRUD operations and History.


Fhirbase connector libraries for your programming language.


Fhirbase is an open source toolkit released under the MIT License.

2 Download Fhirbase
3 Create Database
$ psql -c 'CREATE DATABASE fhirbase;'
4 Initialize FHIR-schema
$ fhirbase -d fhirbase --fhir=3.3.0 init
5 Load FHIR resources
$ fhirbase -d fhirbase --fhir=3.3.0 load$export
6 Start Fhirbase Web UI
$ fhirbase -d fhirbase web

Learn and Build

Find all the resources and answers you need to start developing modern healthcare apps.

Fhirbase Connectors

You can integrate Fhirbase with your preferred technology. Don't see your technology? Send us a request!

Try FHIRbase now! The easiest way to start is to use a docker image.

FHIRbase Extensions & Support

FHIRbase was built with extensibility and flexibility in mind. Easily add more features as your healthcare solutions scale and technology needs change.

Commercial extension for FHIRbase to boost your FHIRbase search performance. Extremely fast implementation of FHIR Path as a PostgreSQL extension.



Commercial Support for FHIRbase. We'll help optimize your FHIRbase and develop custom features for your use cases.

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Easily upgrade your FHIRbase to Aidbox for a complete FHIR server with all the features you need to build complex healthcare solutions.

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