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Aidbox Product Updates – January 2024

January 31, 2024

Here are the new features and updates released by the Aidbox team in January 2024. See the full release notes here.

Latest SQL on FHIR syntax support

SQL on FHIR is a way to create flat views of FHIR resources for further querying and analysis using SQL. The SQL on FHIR spec is close to the first draft,  with the working group largely agreeing to maintain the current syntax and finalize the feature set. In this release, Aidbox supports the latest syntax, deprecating but not breaking your existing views. Please use this guide to update your ViewDefinition to the newest syntax.

Python SDK: Profiles basic support

Enhance your development process with multiple levels of validation, including Python typing, class structure, and simple runtime validation. Python SDK (alpha) now supports dataclasses for base FHIR R4 and profiles from R4, US Core, mCode, and codeX, all generated from the FHIR schema.

C-CDA / FHIR Converter enhancements

Get started with the newly added mapping of Administered Medications to/from the MedicationAdministration FHIR resource. Check out the full list of supported sections here. Plus, enjoy a 20% faster C-CDA to FHIR conversion, now reducing the average conversion time for a 32MB file to just 5 seconds**.

**These values may vary depending on your software.

Aidbox Forms enhancements

Build clinical forms without the need for engineers using the Aidbox UI builder’s new features: 

  • Get a ready-to-use form by loading the FHIR Questionnaire from external sources.
  • Style forms with configurable themes.
  • Create a prefilled QuestionnaireResponse based on a specific Questionnaire and generate a link to the WEB application using $populatelink FHIR SDC operation.

Additionally, you can now use advanced form builder settings such as required constraints, hidden rules, and enable-when conditions.

AidboxDB 16.1 release

To ensure you are working with the most efficient and up-to-date PostgreSQL 16.1, update to the latest version of AidboxDB. Use the step-by-step guide to simplify the migration from previous versions of PostgreSQL. Click here to view the updated list of the extensions for Postgres.

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