Step-by-step Implementation Guide for Aidbox FHIR Platform

Let's bring FHIR to your Health Plan

Aidbox FHIR platform helps health plans to comply with the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access rule without stress in 3 to 6 months.

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A shift to the FHIR ecosystem

The Challenge

You have to share a provider directory, drug formulary, claims, encounter, and clinical data with 3rd party apps over HL7 FHIR API. It's not a simple task when this data is stored in different formats across multiple systems.

Many sources of data in different formats
Lack of expertise in HL7 FHIR and CARIN, DaVinci, US Core
Unfamiliar authorization flow
Limited time for implementation

The Solution

Aidbox FHIR Platform allows you to achieve compliance timely and without stress. The platform aggregates all required data with the help of built-in adapters to a single FHIR repository and provides a secure HL7 FHIR API for SMART on FHIR Apps.

Aidbox FHIR Platform with secure HL7 FHIR API v4.0.1
Support of OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and SMART on FHIR
FHIR Portal for Members, App vendors, and your Admins
Automated Infrastructure with monitoring and audit log

Key features

Integration capabilities

Built-in adapters for X12 EDI, HL7 v2 feeds, and mapping language for custom integrations facilitate aggregation and translation of data.


RESTful HL7 FHIR API v4.0.1 and SMART-on-FHIR specification support allow compliant and secure access to data.

FHIR Storage

Scalable storage for FHIR data on top of PostgreSQL with JSONB provides excellent performance for all your use cases.

Access control

OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect auth server and access policies ensure security and allow single sign-on with the existing member portal.

Monitoring & Audit

Automated Kubernetes infrastructure offers monitoring dashboards, audit log, and point-in-time recovery while keeping deployment and maintenance easy.

FHIR Portal

FHIR portal for members, app vendors, and administrators allows intuitive management of application ecosystem and data access.

MPI module

MPI module ensures that all the data coming from different sources is associated with the right patient.

Terminology Server

Built-in ICD-10, SNOMED, RxNorm, LOINC, and US NPI terminologies validate the quality of data that is coming in.

Development platform

Aidbox is a development platform with a rich set of API that helps create an ecosystem of FHIR applications. Bring 3rd party apps and build yours.

Your FHIR ecosystem

Journey with Aidbox

To help you meet the new CMS policies, we assembled the Aidbox FHIR server for Health Plans. It can be deployed side by side with your existing solutions and integrates into existing data flows. Aidbox aggregates all the data required to be made available through the FHIR API. We provide dedicated FHIR experts who help to deploy, integrate, and configure Aidbox to accommodate your data sources, authorization and member portal technologies, branding, and other specific requirements.

step-by-step guide

Deployment of Aidbox Platform to the infrastructure of your choice
Integration of Aidbox with existing data sources/data flows
Configuration of OAuth 2.0 Authorization Flow
Configuration of single sign-on for FHIR and member portals
Publishing API documentation for App Vendors
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Case Studies

Yale New Haven Health System

Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) wanted to deploy 3rd party clinical research apps that use FHIR API on top of their Epic EHR system. We have implemented a FHIR facade in the YNHHS with the use of the Aidbox FHIR platform. Epic's data warehouse Kaboodle became the main data source. We extract data from Kaboodle, translate it to FHIR, and load it to Aidbox daily. Aidbox serves data over FHIR API to authorized apps while controlling their access permissions. Many health plans can utilize their data warehouses as a source of data for the CMS rule API.

Metro Dermatology

Health Samurai has developed a billing module for a network of dermatology clinics on top of Aidbox. While all the data internally was FHIR, the billing module communicates with medical billing clearinghouses over X12 EDI. This project provided Health Samurai with extensive knowledge about financial data formats in healthcare and allowed us to test Aidbox X12 EDI to FHIR translation module at an enterprise scale.

Narus Health

Narus Health is an excellent example of a powerful health IT technology developed on top of Aidbox while beating all time to market estimates. Narus has built a care management and care coordination system that currently serves 300 self-insured enterprises. The technology comprises patient-facing mobile apps, a web-based clinical app, and a data analytics module integrated with Tableau. Aidbox development platform capabilities and built-in integration with data analytics tools allowed this to happen. Aidbox security safeguards allowed Narus Health to receive SOC 2 security certification.

Clients that trust the Aidbox Platform

Turn-key Solution for Health Plans

We have built a FHIR platform specifically for health plans on top of our mature Aidbox FHIR platform.

Aidbox Platform

Aidbox is responsible for data translation, aggregation, and serving to the authorized applications through the secure FHIR API.


Automated infrastructure with an audit log and monitoring dashboards gives you full control over the platform's health, security, and usage.

FHIR Portal

Portal for the health plan, its members, and 3rd party vendors provides the User Interface (UI) for setting up and managing all your operations.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team of FHIR engineers will integrate the FHIR platform into your infrastructure and configure it to your requirements.

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