New features

Aidbox May 2024 Release

June 6, 2024

Here are the new features and updates released by the Aidbox team in May 2024. See the full release notes here.

Aidbox Development Licenses for All

You can now obtain Aidbox dev licenses to explore and bring your ideas to reality with FHIR. These licenses come with no expiration date but have a 2 GB database size limit and allow to work with synthetic data only (no PHI). Perfect for diving deep into FHIR, participating in FHIR Connectathons, and conducting POCs.

Easier Than Ever: Simplified Aidbox Launch

Launching Aidbox locally has never been easier! Run a one-liner, sign in with your Aidbox ID, or specify your license, and be up and running in no time.

curl -JO && docker compose up

Upload FHIR IGs to Aidbox with Ease

Upload an IG as a FHIR NPM package from Aidbox FHIR package registry or direct link. You can also use FHIR CRUD API or UploadFIG utility. Simplified configuration brings faster development cycles and smoother collaboration! Explore all methods of uploading IGs to Aidbox here.

New Aidbox UI: Navigating Made Easy

Navigate effortlessly with the double sidebar and improved resource browser. To enable the new UI, go to the Settings tab in the Aidbox UI and enable the new UI checkbox.

Aidbox Helm Charts

Use Helm charts to simplify the Aidbox deployment and management in K8s. Less hassle, more high-fives!

Aidbox Forms: Customize Like a Pro

Create custom components and reuse them in multiple forms, use different FHIR versions depending on a FHIR server version, use more widgets, print forms or generate PDFs.

Form builder is now available publicly. Choose from 2,955 templates in the Form Library or import your own.

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