Download Resources for FHIR Implementation

Brochures, reports, certificates, and architectural diagrams to kickstart your use of the Aidbox FHIR Platform.

Aidbox FHIR Platform Performance Report

Learn how Aidbox handles data import, search, and export operations in various healthcare scenarios.

EHR Development Toolkit Brochure

Build Your EHRs with the Aidbox EHR Toolkit. Customizable Modules and an EHR Implementation Project Plan.

Aidbox for Startups Toolkit Brochure

Discover the turnkey development toolkit to design your healthcare solution for the future.

Startup's Guide to FHIR Implementation Whitepaper

Navigating the FHIR landscape: A collaborative whitepaper by Health Samurai and Archimed Group.

Healthcare Data Platform Toolkit Brochure

Discover a unified space for your team to seamlessly aggregate, store, manage, and analyze FHIR data.

Aidbox + Cloudticity Solution Brief

Accelerate FHIR adoption by up to 70% and reduce your infrastructure management responsibilities by 80%.

Standardized HL7 FHIR API for EHRs Cheatsheet

Ensure compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act with this essential cheatsheet.