New features

Aidbox December 2022 Release

December 30, 2022

Stay up to date with the Aidbox's new features and product improvements our team released in December.

What's new?

Aidbox MDM module

The MDM module (beta) enables you to find duplicate medical records. There’s no need to create rules manually anymore. Instead, the module uses a probabilistic approach to handle huge data sets and statistically chooses the most probable matches with the highest accuracy. Use Splink to train matching algorithms on your real data, and run $match operation to find possible duplicates. Learn more

FHIR 4.0.1-conformant Aidbox configuration project

Checking your Aidbox FHIR conformance has never been easier! Get a pre-built Aidbox configuration project, and run the FHIR 4-0-1-Basic Touchstone test suite. Get a license

C-CDA to FHIR integration pipeline

The C-CDA module now covers the entire C-CDA to FHIR integration pipeline! With it, you can easily validate C-CDA files from an external system, convert them to FHIR bundles, and upload the successful result directly to Aidbox. Learn more

Archive/Restore API

You can keep your system clear of outdated data, such as notifications, audit log history etc. by using the Aidbox Archive/Restore API. This allows you to manage the space in your database by moving items to external S3-compatible storage and restoring later if needed. Read the handy tutorial here to schedule an auto archive to Google Cloud Storage. Learn more

Google Pub/Sub integration

Aidbox now supports integration with Google Pub/Sub. This enables publishing of data change notifications from Aidbox to your applications. In case of any changes to data in Aidbox, you will receive change notifications via Google Pub/Sub. Build decoupled systems that scale better and reduce operations your company's burden. Learn more

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