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Aidbox April 2023 Release

April 28, 2023

Here's the Aidbox update from April 2023 so you can stay in-the-know about our BIG and exciting news! See the full release notes here.

FHIR R5 support

Discover HL7® FHIR® R5 with Aidbox today and stay at the top of your game! Take advantage of 55 newly added resources, new search parameters and enhanced search capabilities. Explore R5

Chained search for parameters 

Perform more advanced searches across multiple resources and get more precise results: chain search is now supported not only for parameters defined by a SearchParameter resource, but for all parameters defined by a Search resource as well. 

New API constructor engine 

Define endpoints that can convert non-FHIR data from your proprietary or legacy system into FHIR resources. Gain greater flexibility in working with arbitrary data sources and integrate this data into your FHIR-enabled workflows. Check out the new tutorial on how to transform Fitbit data into FHIR. 

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C-CDA/FHIR converter: CDA validator endpoint

Ensure your C-CDA documents are validated to the highest standard and transform them into the native FHIR format. Use a new /ccda/validate endpoint that behaves exactly like the CDA validator.

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Log filtering via different appenders

Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access: filter logs based on specific criteria such as user-defined rules and choose the appropriate storage destination via different appenders. Also, you can disable some logs to reduce infrastructure costs. 

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AidboxDB automation with Crunchy Operator

Ensure your data is always safe and easily recoverable with the new AidboxDB build: automate PostgreSQL cluster tasks, such as creating replicas, setting up streaming replication, and monitoring cluster health.

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Aidbox SDC Forms: Form attachments in cloud, media viewer, font size

Make your forms more visually appealing: change font size, attach images, videos and PDFs and adjust their preview size. Upload and store these attachments in GCP Storage or AWS S3 to free up space in your Aidbox DB storage and reduce maintenance costs. Learn more

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