New features

Aidbox May 2023 Release

May 31, 2023

Here are the new features launched by the Aidbox team this May. See the full release notes here.

Aidbox Workflow Engine

Design and automate complex workflows based on the data state and events in Aidbox. Manage patient admissions, coordinate care plans, automate billing, add tasks to launch Aidbox SDC Forms and more! Reduce manual effort: simply configure rules, triggers, and actions to guide the flow of tasks and data within your healthcare ecosystem! Explore Aidbox Workflow Engine

AuditEvent viewer

Reconstruct security breaches and ensure compliance with the industry regulations out-the-box. With the Aidbox AuditEvent viewer, you can easily navigate through audit logs, filter data based on specific criteria, and address security issues promptly and effectively. Learn more

Multilingual LOINC and SNOMED CT terminology packages

Interpret medical lab observations and clinical measurements accurately with the newly added LOINC terminology support. Aidbox now has LOINC and SNOMED CT terminology packages in two languages: English and French. Access and understand medical data in your preferred language; additional translations can be added on demand. 

Learn more about LOINC translation support

Learn more about SNOMED CT translation support

R5 chained search

Use mixed search parameters (chained and reverse chained) to construct powerful queries, filter based on the properties of referenced resources to retrieve data even more efficiently. Learn more

Enhanced GraphQL API

Simplify the querying process: you can now see the total count of matching results with total_ field for GraphQL queries. Enhanced revinclude functionality: include associated resources and efficiently navigate data graphs, even if the associated resource's reference has the ‘Any’ type. Learn more

C-CDA/FHIR converter: New sections added

Transform C-CDA files into FHIR bundles, ready for seamless integration into Aidbox. The newly added sections include: Functional Status, Health Concerns, Mental Status, Plan of Treatment, Payers, Family History, Nutrition, and Medical Equipment. Learn more

Aidbox JavaScript SDK

Start working with Aidbox using your JS stack. Check out a quickstart guide demonstrating how to launch a PHR sample app on Aidbox. Try now

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