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How to comply with ONC HL7® FHIR® API criteria without the overhead

This webinar is for EHR vendors to dive into ONC's Cures Act Final Rule to understand the API requirements and timelines and then see how the Aidbox API Module can help satisfy the Cures API requirements without expending valuable resources and development time.

By December 31, 2022, all certified EHRs need to provide a read-only HL7® FHIR® API to meet the requirements for patient and population services criterion §170.315(g)(10) - 2015 Edition Cures Update and get certified by ONC-Authorized Testing Labs.

This webinar is for CTOs, solution architects, and developers of EHR vendors to deep dive into the technical aspects of the ONC's FHIR API Criteria and understand how to get an EHR ready for the ONC API certification deadline of December 31, 2022. ONC certification consultant Kyle Meadors overviews ONC §170.315(g)(10) criteria, certification timelines, information blocking requirements, and EHR needs, as well as answers questions.

The CEO of Health Samurai Pavel Smirnov gives an overview of the pluggable Aidbox API Module and how it can be used with an EHR to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule without overheads or needing to expend valuable developer resources.


#1 Overview of ONC FHIR API Criteria

Kyle Meadors
Chart Lux Consulting / former Director of the EHR Testing Lab at Drummond

Kyle Meadors is founder and principal consultant at Chart Lux Consulting where he supports developers and health IT organizations in navigating the regulatory requirements of the ONC and CMS. Prior to Chart Lux, he was Director of the EHR Testing Lab at Drummond, the premier ONC-authorized testing and certification body. At Drummond Group, he launched the lab’s effort to conduct testing for the Meaningful Use program and grew it into the market leader in its space. Meadors is involved with HL7 and was also a member of the ONC Health IT Standards Committee and other government committees and task teams.

#2 ONC-certified Aidbox API Module for EHRs

Pavel Smirnov
Aidbox FHIR Platform & Health Samurai

Pavel Smirnov is CEO at Health Samurai. Pavel is a serial entrepreneur, FHIR® trailblazer, and the CEO of Health Samurai. He started working in healthcare IT in 2004. Health Samurai has been using the FHIR® standard in real projects since 2012 and is an active participant in the FHIR® community. Since 2016 Health Samurai builds the Aidbox FHIR Platform to help health IT companies develop their products faster. Pavel's expertise spans across health IT, strategy, medical standards (including FHIR®), and modern cloud technologies.

webinar date and time
June 21, 2022
webinar date and time
webinar date and time
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