Health Samurai partners with Cloudticity to offer a powerful mix of HL7 FHIR and advanced security

August 25, 2023


In a strategic move, Health Samurai and Cloudticity have announced their technology partnership, uniting their flagship products - Aidbox FHIR Platform and Cloudticity Oxygen™. This collaboration aims to support healthcare organizations and digital health vendors to meet their FHIR needs, while simplifying the security, compliance, and operational work required for building and maintaining FHIR environments.

Unified FHIR Solutions with Advanced Security

Health Samurai's Aidbox offers a robust FHIR platform designed for those looking to develop new FHIR-based solutions or enhance existing ones. With Aidbox, organizations can fully utilize the FHIR ecosystem, delegating tasks such as secure data storage, integration, management, and sharing, which significantly reduces development time and cost.

Cloudticity Oxygen™, a next-gen managed cloud solution for healthcare, acts as an infrastructure and security monitoring umbrella that wraps around the Aidbox FHIR environment and data. Oxygen automates the vast majority of cloud operations tasks, while ensuring continuous security and compliance aligned with HITRUST, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, and Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark standards.

Together, the two products present a compelling offering for healthcare entities looking to benefit from the FHIR ecosystem while ensuring that their solutions remain compliant with the strictest security standards.

"We are excited about this partnership," says Mike Ryzhikov, COO of Health Samurai. "By combining the capabilities of Aidbox and Cloudticity Oxygen, we're confident in offering healthcare organizations an unmatched blend of FHIR functionality and security."

"Our collaboration with Health Samurai underscores Cloudticity's commitment to enabling healthcare IT to support the patients they serve with better interoperability, while maintaining the privacy and integrity of data. By integrating Oxygen with Aidbox, healthcare organizations have a seamless and simple path to secure, compliant FHIR adoption" states Gerry Miller, CEO of Cloudticity.

With this strategic partnership, healthcare and digital health organizations can now accelerate FHIR adoption by 70% and reduce infrastructure management responsibilities by 80%, freeing them to innovate with FHIR in order to create valuable products and services. It’s FHIR adoption and innovation, made simple.

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About Cloudticity

Cloudticity is a digital enablement partner for healthcare generating measurable business and clinical outcomes by unlocking the cloud's full potential. Through advanced automation and deep cloud expertise, Cloudticity empowers healthcare organizations to create and scale next-gen healthcare solutions that are resilient and secure.

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