HL7 FHIR Synthetic Data Event, August 29-30

August 28, 2023

The first-ever HL7 FHIR Synthetic Data Event is just around the corner, scheduled for August 29th and 30th. At the event, Nikolai Ryzhikov, CTO at Health Samurai, will share insights during his talk on "Managing 'Big' Synthetic Data" alongside experts from Google and Microsoft.

Synthetic data is crucial for solving important challenges like keeping data private and not having enough real data for testing and research. Validating and testing new healthcare standards, applications, and technologies require diverse and realistic data sets. Generating and using synthetic data eliminates the need to collect, process, and manage extensive real-world datasets. This saves time, resources, and costs associated with data acquisition and maintenance.

Nikolai Ryzhikov's presentation, "Managing 'Big' Synthetic Data" will dive into the substantial challenges of handling extensive synthetic datasets in healthcare. With a focus on scalability, data quality, and ethical considerations, this session will examine the hurdles and opportunities that arise when dealing with vast synthetic data volumes. By exploring strategies for efficient data generation, management, and validation, Nikolai Ryzhikov's insights will shed light on how the healthcare industry can effectively harness "big" synthetic data to advance research, testing, and ultimately, improved patient care.

In this session, Nikolai Ryzhikov will join forces with experts such as Farhana Bandukwala, Google, and Jared Erwin, Microsoft. The discussions will be moderated by Diego Kaminker from HL7.

This two-day event is set to redefine the boundaries of healthcare data innovation, with experts and thought leaders delving into the present and future landscape of synthetic data. For additional details about the talks and to secure your spot, please click here to register.

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