New features

Aidbox November 2022 Release

November 30, 2022

All the latest features, enhancements and updates our team released in November.

What's new?

Monitor and optimize Aidbox queries to improve performance

Aidbox now allows you to detect long-running and slow queries through the Aidbox metrics server + pre-built Grafana dashboards and suggests relevant indexes to improve your database performance via the index suggestion API (beta). Learn more

Create complex forms on the fly with Aidbox Forms

Aidbox Forms make it easy to build forms with calculated fields and prefills, and to store captured data in the FHIR format. We’ve built the form repository with the most commonly used templates, such as PHQ-9, Vital signs and GAD-7, and it will be regularly updated with new templates. Check out these forms both locally and in the Aidbox sandbox! Learn more

** If you want to see how it works, you can try Aidbox Forms in the Aidbox sandbox, in this case your data won't be saved.

Convert USCDI v1 data elements from C-CDA to FHIR online

Converting C-CDA documents to FHIR bundles is a tough challenge. We’ve fixed a bunch of corner cases and improved our converter, so it now fully covers USCDI v1 data elements.Get your USCDI v1 data in C-CDA documents, validate your C-CDA documents against XSD and Schematron schemas, convert them into FHIR Bundles and ingest them into Aidbox. Convert C-CDA to FHIR online

Get your Aidbox instance pre-configured with FHIR IGs and Aidbox Forms

You can now configure Aidbox instances using configuration projects with pre-built FHIR Implementation Guides (US Core, Da Vinci PDex Plan Net, US CARIN BB and others) and Aidbox SDC Forms. Just choose the configuration project when creating a managed instance on the Aidbox user portal. There are no tricky moves, just one click is enough to get it right! Check it out

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