New features

Aidbox March 2023 Release

March 31, 2023

The Aidbox March 2023 release went live today! It brings new features and improvements to the Aidbox FHIR platform. See the full release notes here.

What's new

Handy guides

C-CDA <> FHIR converter (beta)

Validate C-CDA files from an external system, convert to FHIR bundles, and upload them directly to Aidbox. The FHIR <> CCDA converter (beta) supports the following sections: Allergies, Encounters, Immunizations, Problems, Vital Signs, Results, Social History, Procedures, and Medications. Try online

HL7 v2 to FHIR transformation pipeline

Streamline conversion from HL7 v2 messages to the FHIR bundle with the new parser and mapping engine. The new parser accurately parses HL7 v2 messages and represents data in JSON to simplify mapping. The new mapping engine allows using Lisp expressions to declare mapping rules. Learn more

FHIR versions support

Evaluate Aidbox FHIR R4B, which incorporates specific resources from the R5 version, on the Aidbox User Portal or specify it using the Configuration Project. R5 support is expected in the next release. Contact us to get early access to R5

Access policy dev tool

Simplify the process of developing and debugging AccessPolicy resources with the access policy development tool. From now on, you can easily create, manage, test and troubleshoot these policies to ensure secure access to data. Learn more

$import operation using Task API (beta)

Execute and monitor expensive asynchronous operations using Task API. The improved $import continues to work after restarts, and handles errors efficiently. Learn more

Custom resources via Aidbox Project

Define custom resources in Aidbox Project and sync them with all of your Aidbox instances. Once imported, you can use the custom resource like any other FHIR resource, and you can also query and search for instances of the custom resource using FHIR APIs. Learn more

Aidbox SDC module: static images, dynamic valuesets, and resource references

Provide visual aids and enhance your form with static images. This can be particularly useful when including images such as directions for blood pressure measurement, anatomical diagrams, and other useful materials.Select relevant valuesets dynamically based on the specific context and store reference resources for future use. This simplifies data entry and reduces the risk of error. Learn more about Aidbox Forms

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