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Aidbox January 2023 Release

January 31, 2023

Aidbox marks a new step forward in API capabilities, security and built-in modules! Here are the latest updates delivered by our team in January! See the full release notes here.

What’s new? 

Handy guide

Selective parsing in the C-CDA to FHIR module

The C-CDA to FHIR module (beta) offers better performance, fewer bugs and more configuration! You can now select the exact C-CDA sections you need to convert to FHIR and upload to Aidbox. This is done via /ccda/to-fhir and /ccda/persist endpoint configs. Get a more accurate result with the sections you care about and nothing else! We have also introduced support for uploading transformed FHIR bundles to a specific tenant in multi-tenant installations. Try it now

Zen Search & Index APIs

Both Zen Search API and Zen Index API are now considered stable, so you can start using it in your systems today!

Zen Search API

Define custom search parameters for a resource via Zen Search API and benefit from:

  • Enhanced flexibility: create custom search params once and use them in all Aidbox instances, with no need to add them manually
  • Backward compatibility: use previously created search params in new projects
  • Search by extensions (beta): add your IG and get search on extensions automagically

Learn more about Zen Search API

Zen Index API

With Zen Index API, you can speed up the selected search queries and automatically generate indexes. Learn more about Zen Index API

Built-in launch context for SMART apps

Aidbox now supports any fhirContext launch parameters for SMART App Launch 2.0. As a result, providers and patients are able to retrieve all the required data from a SMART app based on their respective query and context, i.e. appointment schedule, patient history, treatment plan, etc. The SMART app sends only the targeted requests to the Aidbox FHIR server, drastically reducing unnecessary user interactions. Learn more

Aidbox SDC module: form redirect, tags & new templates

Form redirect

The Aidbox SDС module now has the option of redirecting users automatically to external links after submission. The flow is pretty straightforward: when respondents access the form from a portal, they can transition back smoothly after sending all the answers. To use this workaround you need to specify a redirect-on-sign parameter. Learn more about the SDC Forms redirect

Form labelling

You can also add metadata properties to any forms and their templates. This is a great way to group forms by clinic, template author etc. Simply “tag” your forms and filter them according to your preferences. Overall, this makes it easier to organize forms and find what you are looking for at the push of a button. Learn more about the SDC Forms labelling

P.S. The forms library is constantly being updated. For the current list of available forms, visit the Aidbox SDC Forms Library on github.

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