New features

Aidbox February 2023 Release

February 28, 2023

The latest Aidbox update is loaded with awesome new features and improvements. See what's new in February 2023 and give it a try! See the full release notes here.

What's new

Handy guides

Devbox images are no longer being updated

If you want to continue using Aidbox for development purposes, please switch to AidboxOne image with Development licenses. Learn more

Google Pub/Sub integration: notification settings & optimistic message publishing

Choose which resources should trigger message publishing via notification settings. E.g. get notifications if only Patient or Encounter resources are changed etc. With “optimistic message publishing”, you can avoid missed notifications by publishing a message before the change is saved to the database. Learn more about GCP Pub/Sub

Aidbox SDC module: new form templates, form styling

Added 14 new form templates including: Lifestyle, Medications, Problem List. Check out our SDC Forms library. Style your forms the way you want: colors, fonts, custom logos, redirect buttons – everything to represent your brand. You can also add tooltips to guide users and use Markdown for formatting text. Learn more about Aidbox Forms

Security and access control: Aidbox base URL & Policy Debugging

Aidbox base URL

Now you can enable Aidbox base URL to support not only a domain or a subdomain, but also the path level. Integrate Aidbox with your infrastructure seamlessly! Learn more about Aidbox base URL

Access transparency with Aidbox Policy Debugging

The security module logs capture all data access attempts (true/false). The admin user gets a complete report, with a detailed log entry explaining why a certain request couldn’t access a file. Learn more about Policy Debugging

Search API: search query sorting, optimization, EXPLAIN statements

JSONPath Sort

You can now sort and order search parameter types by 'Date of Birth', 'Address', etc via the JSONPath engine (opt-in). Previously, sorting was available only in jsonknife (default engine). Learn more about JSONPath engine

Postgres query tuning

Make Postgres queries execute faster: use #>> operation to optimize some query types (enabled via env). Learn more about #>> operation

EXPLAIN statements

Now _explain shows SQL even if the query failed with an error. Previously, Aidbox halted processing and displayed an error message. Learn more about Now_explain

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