New features

Aidbox June 2023 Release

June 30, 2023

The Aidbox team has been hard at work implementing new features and improving existing ones. Now it's time to show what we have accomplished this June! See the full release notes here.

Workflow engine: Wait task, cancel workflows and limit concurrency

Achieve more granular control over your workflow processes. Specify either a duration or a specific datetime for a task to wait before resuming execution, cancel workflows and define the maximum number of concurrent executions for specific tasks within a workflow to optimize the performance. Explore Aidbox Workflow Engine

Sample workflow using Aidbox JS SDK

Explore how simple it is to create an automatic pipeline that reminds a patient about the upcoming appointment on a specific date, collect information about the patient’s condition with Aidbox Form and store information as FHIR data.

Have a workflow you want to automate? Let's make it happen! Get in touch with us

Organization-based access control

Keep your data secure and protected from unauthorized access. So users from an organization can only interact with data that belongs to this specific organization or nested ones. Learn more about multi-tenancy on organization-level resources

Aidbox SDC module: Mobile-friendly forms

Make your forms mobile-friendly and easily accessible on smartphones and tablets. Aidbox Forms can now adapt to smaller screens, ensuring that the form layout and input fields are optimized for mobile use. Learn more

Geospatial search

Easily find places close to specific coordinates with Location.near search parameter. Learn more

C-CDA/FHIR converter: Custom mappings

Tailor the converter logic to meet your specific needs. Modify existing mappings or create new ones by providing custom rules via the Aidbox Configuration Project. Learn more

Async index management

Automate index-related operations seamlessly. Use the Workflow and Task APIs to manage indexes asynchronously. Learn more

_timeout parameter for search result parameters

Use the more responsive and secure search result parameters. Set a timeout value to control the maximum amount of time the system will spend processing entire requests, including (rev)include. Learn more

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