New features

Aidbox July 2023 Release

July 31, 2023

Here are the new features and updates released by the Aidbox team in July 2023. See the full release notes here.

Multilingual search

Store resource translations and easily search in your preferred language with the the _search-language parameter. Enjoy exploring resources in the language that best suits your needs!

Terminology Concepts translation

Get human-readable Concept translations in a specified language using the $translate-concepts endpoint.

_source search parameter for enhanced resource management

Effortlessly match resources based on source information with the new _source search parameter. Retrieve all patient records with an internal source, find medication resources from an external system, filter laboratory results from a specific department, and many more!

C-CDA <-> FHIR converter as a standalone service

Deploy the service with our pre-configured project template by following the simple steps in the guide. Validate, convert your C-CDA files to FHIR format, and seamlessly upload them to your system.

Intermediate tree for C-CDA <-> FHIR conversion

Inspect the conversion process with two new endpoints: /v2/ccda/to-fhir?intermediate=true to get the intermediate tree for input FHIR-bundle and /v2/ccda/to-ccda?intermediate=true to get the one for input C-CDA document. Gain valuable insights into each stage of the conversion process, uncover patterns, and understand your data at a granular level.

Organization-based access control: Shared resources

Share resources with sub-organizations to achieve better coordination and streamline operations. As the head organization, you can share Practitioners and their Schedules, enabling nested clinics to view the information and manage their Appointments accordingly.

Aidbox SDC module: question scores conversion

Add scores to certain questions in a form and convert it accordingly. For instance, patients can rate their condition on a scale from 1 to 5, the scores are converted and combined with other responses to create a more detailed QuestionnaireResponse.

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