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Create your component library and assemble forms like a Lego

Maria Ryzhikova
May 17, 2024
3 min read

In the form design process, we encounter the same routine. As you explore different forms, you notice that some fields or entire sections are duplicated across them. You spend time reproducing what you've already done, ensuring consistency and repeating logic, such as prefilling these fields or making changes in multiple places later.

Now, in the Aidbox UI Builder, you can create a library of components tailored to your needs, give them names, and use them in any form. It allows you to:

  • Speed up the form development process with a library of components
  • Make forms consistent by extracting repeating parts into components
  • Reduce the number of errors in form development

Users create custom components representing questions or a group of questions they want to reuse in other forms. These custom components include any form elements supported by the Aidbox UI Builder, such as text fields, checkboxes, dropdown lists, etc., and their attributes and rules.

There are two ways to use components in other forms:

  1. Add the component by reference. This allows you to make edits in one place (edit the component), and these changes will automatically be reflected in all forms that reference this component. For example, if a spelling error is made, you only need to correct it in the specific component, and there is no need to fix it in all forms.    
  2. Use the component as a template or snippet - copy and customize.

Our implementation is based on the FHIR SDC specification and Modular Questionnaires. Each form is represented as an FHIR Questionnaire resource and is stored in the database. In contrast, the component, as a Sub-Questionnaire, is also stored in the database as an FHIR Questionnaire resource with specific extensions. You can read more about this here.

Both forms and components are represented as Questionnaire resources as described in Modular Questionnaires spec. Component’s Questionnaires are labeled with specific extensions.

Using components provides greater flexibility in development and speeds up the form development process, making it more quality and consistent.

Dive into the details with our comprehensive documentation and experience the full capabilities firsthand with a free trial.

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