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FHIR Storage and Analytics in Baltimore

Niquola Ryzhikov
December 26, 2018

If you are interested in FHIR databases and analytics on FHIR and going to be not far from Baltimore September 29–30 — please join us at the FHIR Connectathon 19 and brand new Storage and Analytics track!

This track is organized by the group of exceptional engineers from Health Samurai, Cerner, Google, and Athenahealth. We have a long list of hot topics to discuss: SQL on FHIR, storage format, and schemata, how to handle FHIR data in Spark, PostgreSQL, and BigQuery, FHIRPath in databases and more. We are working hard on tutorials and assets to let participants touch these things by hands during the connectathon.connectathon.

We also have a couple of interesting cross-track scenarios — use Bulk API to load data into databases and implement quality measures from Clinical Reasoning track in SQL.

Join us in FHIR chat and see you in Baltimore!

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FHIR Storage and Analytics in Baltimore

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