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Announcing FHIRbase Dojo

Grigory Nokhrin
August 24, 2018

Dojo means “place of the Way” in Japanese. It is a space for immersive learning and training. We're happy to launch the FHIRbase Dojo, a blog dedicated to helping you use FHIR for storage and analytics.

The FHIRbase Dojo is about using FHIR in databases.

Please bookmark it:

What are we going to post?

We’ll write about implementing, storing and analyzing FHIR data with tools such as FHIRbase, Bunsen, BigQuery. We’ll also share the latest news from the “Storage & Analytics” track of HL7’s FHIR Connectathon and other events.

Why was the FHIRbase Dojo Created?

We hope to create an informational hub to share knowledge and best practices from FHIR experts. We believe this will be interesting for health IT engineers and analytic experts using FHIR.

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Announcing the FHIRbase Dojo!

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