Textraction transforms paper forms to FHIR resources and stores results in the Aidbox FHIR Platform. It utilizes Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) and customizable templates.

How it works

You take a scan of a medical document, mark regions that you want to extract, and assign labels to them. This creates a template in Aidbox, which then is applied to the OCR data extraction from all similar medical documents. Extracted data is fed and stored to the specified FHIR resources in Aidbox.

Textraction is an Aidbox App that you can add to your project. ISS Art and Health Samurai can assist you with customization of Textraction to your specific use cases.


- OCR module is integrated with Aidbox as Aidbox app
- Customizable templates for recognition (web editor for templates)
- Customizable templates for FHIR mapping based on JUTE mapping language
- FHIR storage and RESTful FHIR API
- Uploading medical documents with the use of the queue

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TealNet is a complex platform that provides live communication between patients and practitioners, stores health records and provides the UI for practitioners to get the second opinion about a diagnosis. Unfortunately, the project title is on NDA, however, we can show an interactive prototype of user flows.

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