FHIR at scale

Online FHIR® Meetup #8
September 27, 2022

FHIR® Meetup #8

How to make your system scalable enough to handle the onslaught of data? And how to overcome the performance gaps of the FHIR® REST API? Get all the crucial answers that you won't find in the FHIR specification.

In this meetup, the experts from Google, Health Samurai, Microsoft, and Zus Health discussed performance and scalability issues and how to solve them when working with FHIR.

Watch the video to catch up with the essential how-to’s:
- improve bulk import performance
- stream EMR data to FHIR effectively
- process huge data sets faster
- retrieve the best matches with FHIR search
- handle usability limitations with the FHIR REST API, and many more.

As a result, you will be able to make informed choices and achieve big results using FHIR for building your robust healthcare ecosystem.


10:50AM PDT
Join call & Intros ~10 min
11:00AM PDT
FHIR Meetup opening ~10 min
11:10AM PDT
Performance is a way of trade-offs. Nikolay Ryzhikov ~15 min
11:25AM PDT
Q&A Session ~5 min
11:30AM PDT
Scale requirements for streaming EMR data to FHIR. Vivian Neilley
11:45AM PDT
Q&A Session ~5 min
11:50AM PDT
FHIR search is too slow for patient-facing apps. Sonya Huang
12:10PM PDT
Q&A Session ~5 min
12:15PM PDT
FHIR Data - how big is BIG? Brendan Kowitz
12:30PM PDT
Q&A Session ~5 min
12:35PM PDT
FHIR at scale roundtable ~45min
September 27, 2022
11:00AM - 1:00PM PDT
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Topics & Speakers

Performance is a way of trade-offs
  • Bulk import performance
  • FHIR Search and performance issues
  • Chained search performance

Nikolay Ryzhikov

CTO at Health Samurai
// Bio
Nikolay is a CTO at Health Samurai and technical leader of the Aidbox FHIR Platform with more than 15 years of experience in healthcare IT. Since 2012 has been actively contributing to the FHIR standard, and popular open-source projects like Fhirbase, FHIR.js. Author of the FHIR-first development approach and regular speaker of FHIR events.
Scale requirements for streaming EMR data to FHIR
  • EHR (HL7v2) to FHIR Use Cases
  • Size and processing speeds needed to streaming EHR data
  • Reconciliation and the key to FHIR data being useful

Vivian Neilley

Product Manager for Google Cloud's Healthcare Data Engine
// Bio
In this role, she works to build out the product strategy and vision for HDE, a healthcare data platform on FHIR. Prior to this role she was the Interoperability Lead for the North American market, specializing in helping the largest healthcare organizations standardize their data and meet government regulations. Prior to Google, she worked at IBM Watson Health, American Telemedicine Association, and was a nursing assistant on a pre and post-op care floor.
FHIR search is too slow for patient-facing apps
  • Benchmarking FHIR search performance with Gatling
  • Usability limitations with the FHIR REST API
  • Handling expensive queries through complementary services

Sonya Huang

Technologist at Zus Health
// Bio
Sonya is a Technologist at Zus Health, a digital health company that hopes to leverage FHIR to empower patients and health providers with access to data that is rich, clean, and complete. Prior to Zus she was a long time engineer and cofounder at no-code/low-code mobile platform company Modo Labs. She enjoys casual bike rides and playing video games on easy mode.
FHIR Data - how big is BIG?
  • How different data access patterns can influence your storage solution
  • How things change as data volume grows
  • How big is BIG? Looking to the future

Brendan Kowitz

Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft
// Bio
Originally from Australia, Brendan has been in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the U.S. for the past several years working at Microsoft. Now an Engineering Manager, Brendan leads a team that develops the open source and hosted FHIR Server for Azure applications.

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