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We chose the Aidbox solution for the implementation of our CODA19 distributed data analysis platform.

This platform is spread over 8 hospitals in the province of Quebec (Canada) and requires the use of an interoperable data storage solution. Aidbox really allowed us to move quickly on the data management aspect and put our efforts on development and analysis. Its multiple features in terms of security and access control, its unique APIs and ease of implementation are major assets in the development of our solution.

Health-samurai team’s ability to truly listen to our needs and being proactive were keys in building this great partnership. They always find the way to go the extra mile.

>_ Aidbox / Customer Stories

After comparing Aidbox to the other competing products in the space, it was clear that they had the most mature product and complete implementation of the FHIR standard.

The primary benefit we received from using Aidbox has been speed to market. When you work for a startup, this is extremely important.

Aidbox provides us with a data layer, messaging API, terminology server, queuing system, notification system, audit logging, data validation, and document storage system allowing us to focus on developing our business logic. Additionally, their team has been able to help us take our business problems and solve them using FHIR.

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Health Samurai has been a dream to work with! They really helped us accomplish everything that we've been able to with the FHIR implementation, we were one of 10 organizations of 350 that were able to hit the original Interoperability deadline, and honestly, it was 100% as a result of working with HealthSamurai. 

They have been incredible partners, always communicative and helpful even when our data has been a total struggle.  They are as interested and curious about technology as we are and they have the technical background to really make anything possible.

They have also been so incredibly helpful in working with our other vendors and partners, helping the entire ecosystem of healthcare tech companies that we are working with to increase their adoption of technology and working in new ways.

>_ Aidbox / Customer Stories

We evaluated many different FHIR server solutions for a high priority project at NDBH. We made the decision to use Aidbox due to its scalability, reliability, and ease of use. We have developed a great partnership with Health Samurai and appreciate the prompt, top-notch support they continue to provide to our team.

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Aidbox helps to speed up the development and get to market faster. Build better, use FHIR and stay competitive.

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What’s inside of Aidbox?
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Aidbox is a developer-friendly backend platform designed specifically for HealthTech, MedTech and BioTech systems that are looking for data interoperability by design.

It includes all the components and modules needed to build out modern healthcare solutions such as data platforms, electronic health records (EHRs), and clinical data repositories (CDRs).

Aidbox comes fully packed with the essential functionalities:

  • Storage for healthcare/FHIR data based on PostgreSQL
  • Auth server with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect support and SMART app authorization.
  • Security layer with flexible access control policies and user/client management
  • Terminology server to manage code systems like ICD-10, LOINC, SNOMED etc.
  • Integration modules: HL7 v2 to FHIR, C-CDA to FHIR, X12 to FHIR
  • Data validation: use FHIR Implementation guides or write your custom profiles to validate your data
  • HIPAA-eligible features: audit log, encryption
You can also easily configure almost any component of Aidbox and extend it with your custom business logic using Aidbox SDKs. As a result, your dev team can put your app in action faster while everything in Aidbox remains under your control.
How much does Aidbox cost?
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Start building for free! No credit card required. Your 14-day trial gives you access to all the great features of our development platform.

After that, you can choose a payment plan that suits your needs best: monthly or yearly.

Volume discounts
If you purchase at least 2 licenses, you’ll be eligible to receive 15% OFF monthly. Individual discounts apply for our largest customers who purchase over 10 licenses.

Annual discounts
You can save up to 15% per year with an annual payment plan.

Do you offer support or any other professional services?
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With your Aidbox license, you can purchase a support tier that fits your dev team’s needs: Basic, Professional or Enterprise.

Depending on the chosen tier, you’ll receive enhanced technical support covering the whole development and operations lifecycle.

In addition to tech support, we offer comprehensive professional services. This ranges from workshops and training sessions to performance optimization, migration to Aidbox, custom Aidbox builds and much more.

For more details on support and professional services, please download the Aidbox brochure or talk to us.

What tech stack can I use to develop with Aidbox?
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Aidbox is truly tech agnostic and can work with almost any programming language: JavaScript, Python, Clojure, Java, Ruby etc. 

It provides APIs and SDKs for instant integration with your functional tech stack and eliminates unnecessary work.

This makes it perfect for developers who want to continue using their existing technologies and build solutions on top of Aidbox.

Aidbox is implementing the HL7® FHIR standard. What advantages does it provide?
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HL7® FHIR is an international standard for exchanging healthcare data in a secure and easy way. If you want to build a competitive and interoperable solution then HL7® FHIR is a must-have.

FHIR gives you a thoughtful data model and API specification. It saves you some of the design work and provides a solid foundation for future development.

Aidbox implements FHIR on both the API and storage levels. This means you don't need to design a database schemа and implement FHIR spec, as you can just use the built-in, standardized components.

Designed with a deep understanding of FHIR and other interoperability requirements, Aidbox helps to monitor compliance and implement FHIR smoothly and easily.

Talk to us to learn more about how Aidbox can help your business become more competitive.

Can I get a multi-tenant Aidbox?
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Yes, you can do this in two ways:
- Get a ready-to-use/off the shelf Multibox, a logical multi-tenant distribution of Aidbox that allows you to host hundreds and thousands of FHIR servers in a single runtime.
- Use the Aidbox API Constructor or Access Policies in Aidbox to configure it. 

Multibox is perfect when you need to isolate data to separate databases in the same PostgreSQL cluster and provide separate base URLs for each of them. 

For more details on multi-tenancy, read the Aidbox documentation here or talk to us.