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Modern web and mobile healthcare solutions

Beda.Software is a team of engineers, who can cover all the development cycle from the design to the delivery and product deployment. They have been developing a different kind of web and mobile healthcare solutions since 2012. Beda.Software uses modern technologies to deliver solid solutions faster. Instead of reinventing the wheel they are utilizing existing software solutions and their own proprietary modules. That's why they decided to use Aidbox as a primary platform for healthcare projects they worked on.


Skills & Competencies

Web and Mobile healthcare applications
Health Tech startups
Full Cycle software development
Machine Learning
Data Analytics


5 years in Health IT
3 Aidbox Projects
1 Aidbox Add-ons

Aidbox Projects


TealNet is a complex platform that provides live communication between patients and practitioners, stores health records and provides the UI for practitioners to get the second opinion about a diagnosis. Unfortunately, the project title is on NDA, however, we can show an interactive prototype of user flows.

Project Details
3415 S Sepulveda Blvd Ste 1000 Los Angeles, CA 90034
+1 (818) 731-1279