Health Samurai team is proud to announce the first stable release of Fhirbase, an open-source tool to store and manage FHIR data in PostgreSQL relational database.

Health Samurai presented Aidbox at the Common Good HTF Innovation Conference at Stanford University

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Health Samurai receives an award at the FHIR Applications Roundtable at the Duke University School of Medicine

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Health Samurai is accepted to athenahealth's MDP Labs with the Aidbox FHIR platform.

Health Samurai makes a live demo at the 2017 Transforming Healthcare with Data Conference:

Health Samurai will be exhibiting at the HIMSS18 Interoperability Showcase from March 6-8. Come to see the latest and greatest from Health Samurai: 

  • How the new version of Aidbox handles terabytes of FHIR data 
  • Machine learning assistive technology for diagnostic imaging
  • Mobile Applications built on top of Aidbox

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Health Samurai CTO Nikolay Ryzhikov presented FHIRbase at the HL7 International Conference & Working Group Meeting in Paris.

Health Samurai presented at the 2016 Common Good Health Technology Forum Innovation Conference at Stanford University.

CEO Pavel Smirnov presented at the FHIR Applications Roundtable at Duke University:

Highlights of the HL7 FHIR Applications Roundtable

Health Samurai Partner Presentations:

Health Samurai CTO Nikolai Ryzhkov Presents at the HL7 International Conference & Working Group Meeting in Madrid

Implementing Databases for FHIR: 3 Years Experience Report 

With the upcoming SQL standard 2017 with JSON - the FHIRBase approach will be suitable for Oracle, MSSQL and other compliant databases. is featured on Health Data Management as one of 9 award-winning FHIR applications:

6 Award-Winning FHIR Applications

HL7 Announces the Winners of the FHIR Applications Roundtable of Real-World FHIR Solutions. Health Samurai's tied for second place with Leap Frog Technology's Iris Chatbox.

Health Samurai is featured in an article of health IT disruptors:

Health IT Disruptors: This Is How You Bring Down the Giants

Health Samurai presented "Leveraging the FHIR cloud platform for developing healthcare solutions" at the 2017 Stanford MedicineX:

Health Samurai CEO Pavel Smirnov Speaks at Chicago’s MATTER Workshop: FHIR Standards for Healthcare IT

Health Samurai helps client Navimize in development of their hospital scheduling optimization solution.

Health Samurai completes integration of Yorn platform with the Cerner EHR in a large hospital system. Read the Case Study here.

Health Samurai releases, a FHIR clinical data repository and cloud development platform for modern web and mobile healthcare applications. Anyone can register at and try it.

Narus Health is building their care management EHR platform and patient-facing mobile app on top of

FHIRbase version 2 is released! An enterprise-grade open source storage for FHIR resources. Check out our new FHIRbase site.

Kainos Evolve has chosen FHIRbase for medical data source. FHIRbase is an open source FHIR database created by Health Samurai.

Health Samurai adds additional capabilities to FHIRbase to make it even more powerful and easier to support after migrating its code to PLV8. Check out the FHIRbase site for all the updates.