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Narus Health

Challenge: Narus Health is a digital health company that needed a way to quickly build two enterprise web and mobile applications: a care coordination EHR and patient-facing application.   

Solution: Narus Health decided to build their products with the FHIR standard, and leveraged Health Samurai’s Aidbox. Aidbox provided all the backend features that Narus Health needed: a data layer with FHIR API, terminology server, highly available and HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure, secure messaging middleware, workflow support with queues, and customizable provider and consumer user control. This allowed Narus Health to focus on their users and developing the business logic instead of the application backend infrastructure.

Outcome: Narus Health successfully deployed two applications that is serving 300+ enterprise clients and cut months of development time.

Narus Health FHIR digital health company logo

Choice Hospital Systems

Challenge: Choice Hospital Systems wanted to develop a cloud inpatient EHR that would satisfy Meaningful Use requirements, automate provider workflows, and connect internal systems together for different sized hospital organizations.

Solution:  Health Samurai used a single codebase that automated the most common hospital processes and leveraged standards to optimize deployment speed of the EHR. Health Samurai focused on creating a minimalistic user interface at each interaction, displaying only the information a user needed in each instance to ensure a seamless UI experience. The EHR was designed with scalability and efficiency as the main drivers, so that hundreds of installations could be supported by a small team any hospital specific functionalities could be easily extended.

Health Samurai fully automated emergency room, inpatient physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, nutritional specialists, wound care, hospitalists, medical records, pharmacists, quality and risk managers, operation room scheduling, physical therapists, stroke telemedicine and hospital management workflows, and integrated the following hospital systems together: Siemens ADT (Admit, Discharge, Transfer), Meditech LIS (Laboratory), GE RIS (Radiology), PDS pharmacy and the FutureNet transcription system. The system was updated weekly with no downtimes or disruption of hospital work.   

Outcome: Health Samurai successfully developed and implemented a cloud inpatient EHR in three California hospitals: Verdugo Hills Hospital, Good Samaritan and Tahoe Forest Medical Center. The EHR was certified with ONC, and the hospitals have received millions in payments from the Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs (Meaningful Use).

Narus Health FHIR digital health company logo


Challenge: Yorn needed to integrate their real-time patient feedback platform with hospital EHR systems from different vendors.

Solution: Health Samurai connected Yorn’s product to the hospital’s HL7 engine with the integration module.

Outcome: The integration module was able to receive HL7 data feeds, including ADT (Admit Discharge Transfer) and ORU (Observation Result) messages, and translate the data into Yorn’s product API commands. This allowed Yorn to focus internal resources on its core business, while Health Samurai delivered all interoperability requirements on time and below budget.

Narus Health FHIR digital health company logo


Challenge: HearSmart needed to develop a proprietary cloud platform that could record and process diagnostic images of the carotid artery for cardiovascular disease detection.

Solution: Health Samurai consulted with HeartSmart to discover the needs of their platform, and applied agile methodologies to develop a cloud solution on top of the platform that is capable of recording and processing diagnostic images to evaluate the thickness of the arterial wall and also detect plaque in the carotid arteries.  

Outcome: Health Samurai successfully developed a cloud platform that detects cardiovascular disease for HeartSmart, saving time and cutting costs for physicians by leveraging the power of the cloud. The platform enables recording of ultrasound videos on the laptop and storing files securely in the cloud. Health Samurai applied Machine Learning Computer Vision Algorithms to measure intima-media thickness (IMT) and detect plaque in carotid artery ultrasound scan videos. Automation of the analysis process drastically reduced the time requirements for detection and improved efficiency while preserving outcome quality.

Narus Health FHIR digital health company logo

Netrika HIE

Challenge: Netrika needed to create an HIE system for facilitating large-scale medications, lab results, and patient demographics data exchange between regional provider organizations and laboratories.

Solution: Health Samurai consulted with Netrika’s team on the data exchange infrastructure design, implementation of HL7 v2, v3 and FHIR standards, and data modeling, and provided FHIRbase as the clinical data repositories for the HIE.

Outcome: Netrika successfully leveraged the FHIR standard and Health Samurai’s FHIRbase to develop and implement an HIE for over 5 million patients.

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